My Body Weight

My Body Weight is my first windows phone 7 (wp7) application that allows the user to track their weight loss (or gain) against a confiurable target. The application is able to record your body weight, BMI, body fat, heart rate and calories on a daily basis that are then graphed (up to the past 30 days) and compared against your target.

Unique to My Body Weight, you can record your weight in one of three units; either kilograms (kgs), pounds, (lbs) or stone and pounds (St. + lbs)

With a built in 30 second timer, you can count your herat rate and monitor it as you weight changes over time.

The new Mango release of WP7 includes access to live tiles. My Body Weight is already using this new capability to allow your current progress to be viewed from you home screen.

A daily reminder can also be set so you never again miss taking a reading.

Take a look at the screen images below and then why not try it out for yourself. You can even try before you buy, with the free version allowing up to ten measurements to be entered whilst all other functionality is retained.

Feature List:

  • Manage progress towards your weight loss goal
  • Coloured coded entries for at a glance feedback on your progress
  • Track progress against a weight-loss goal
  • Live tiles so you can check see your progress any time
  • Choice of three units (Kgs, Pounds or Stone)
  • Track body weight, BMI, body fat, heart rate and calories
  • Daily reminders to record a new measurement
  • Graphical analysis of all your measured values
  • Heart rate measurement timer
  • Try version available that limits you to ten measurements

Splash Screen

splash screen




Creat New Measurement





Heart Rate

Heart rate





Live Tile

Live Tiles


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