Spoken Spellings

Spoken Spellings is a multi-mode training app for leanring your weekly spellings. Allowing you to learn a one or more weeks spellings by recording the way the word sounds and the correct spelling to allow independent practice. You can also review the spelling list to ensure you are familiar with the way the spellings and spelt before embarking on your learning or testing.

Learning mode allows you to select one or more lists of spellings to learn. Each spelling is spoken in turn and you then have the opportunity to enter how you think the word in spelt. Each time you click the button to move to the next spelling the current spelling is checked. If correct you are moved to the next spelling in the list. If incorrect you have another two chances to enter it correctly. After three failed attempts the correct spelling is displayed. At the end of the test a results page is displayed, where if appropriate the spellings you got wrong are listed against the correct spelling.

During learning, and testing mode, you can have the spoken spelling repeated.

Testing more works in a simialr way to learning mode except that each spelling is not reviewed. A list of any spellings spelt incorrectly are displayed at the end of the test.

You can also have the spellings from one or more selected spellings tests displayed for reviewing.

Spoken spellings does not come pre-configured with any tests, nor does it use the Internet to retrieve correct spellings. Each list is created by you. Add a new spelling test by porviding the tests' date and then assign one or more spellings to it. Enter the correct spelling and then using the built-in microphone, record the word as you would speak it. It doesn't matter what language you speak, Spoken Spellings can record it. Review the recorded word, and re-record it if necessary. Once all of the spellings have been added to the list, you're ready to start learning and testing. The only limt to tbe number of lists of spellings is your phone's memory.

Comprehensive help available from the app to help create and maintain spelling tests

Take a look at the screen images below and then why not try it out for yourself. You can even try before you buy, with the free version allowing you to experiment with a single test.

Feature List:

  • Select one of more spellings tests for learning or testing
  • View the list of spellings in the test to familiarise yourself with how they are spelt
  • Learning mode allows you three attempts at a correct spelling before providing the answer
  • Spellings can be spoken again and again
  • The spellings are review at the end with a comprehensive list of mistakes and correct spellings
  • Multiple spelling tests can be added at any one time
  • Delete expired tests to keep the apps fottprint under control
  • Try version available that limits you to a single spelling test

Splash Screen

splash screen

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Enter Spelling

Enter Spelling

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Correct Answer

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Create A Test

Create a test

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