Telling The Time

Telling the time is a fundemental learning skill required by all and Telling the Time, a Windows Phone app, is the perfect way to learn the basics and progress onto leaning about more advanced subjects such as 24-hour time.

Starting with learning the time for the hour or o'clock times and progressing to half past and then quarter past and beyond. Each subsequent level is locked and requires the user to successfully complete the current level to unlock the next.

Each level consists of ten random questions and buttons to press to submit your answer.

There are additional levels that teach telling the time that are mutiples of 5 minutes, as well as twenty-four hour time telling and the final level which shows four analogue times which the user has to select the correct time.

Take a look at the screen images below and then why not try it out for yourself. You can even try before you buy, with the free version allowing access to the o'clock and half-past times.

Feature List:

  • Six different levels of difficulty
  • Unlock the next level by successfully completing the current level
  • O'clock questions
  • Half past questions
  • Quarter past and to questions
  • Minutes questions
  • Twenty-four hour times
  • Multiple clocks

Splash Screen

splash screen

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